A cup of boiling water and sachet of our premix is all you need for a wonderful beginning to your day. We proudly present to you, our Geebees Chai Gold and Coffee Gold.

Today, we proudly claim that our product is the best in the market and one of the most innovative products produced; not biased, but our claims are based on all the love, support and wonderful feedback we receive daily from our clients.

Our instant premix is a delicious combination of Dairy whitener (Partly Skimmed Milk Powder & Sugar) Tea extracts/Instant Coffee and Ground spices. It is available in a Single Serving Sachet, a 500gm and 1kg pouch. It is as easy as to add a cup of boiling water to a serving of our various flavors of Chai Gold or Coffee Gold and ta-da, fresh hot cup of chai / coffee is ready! Our Chai and Coffee tastes very much like homemade. We add NO Preservatives to maintain that fresh homely taste.

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